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Whether commuting to work, enjoying a night on the town with friends, or heading to the airport after a much-needed vacation, Americans use rideshare platforms, including Uber and Lyft, at high rates. Why? Because there’s nothing quite like the convenience of hailing a ride to and from nearly anywhere with a cell phone. While using Uber or Lyft services can save time and even money and may be environmentally friendly, it’s not without its drawbacks.

Rideshare accidents are common in South Carolina. Unfortunately, they negatively impacted many passengers and other drivers each year. They often occur due to the following:

Anyone who has sustained injuries in a rideshare accident should review their case with a seasoned South Carolina Uber/Lyft accident attorney. They could be eligible to receive financial compensation for their damages.

Who Pays in a Rideshare Accident in South Carolina?

Even though Lyft and Uber are incorporated in and licensed in California, they (and other rideshare companies) are required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance to pay for negligent acts of their drivers that result in passengers’ personal injuries or wrongful deaths in every state — including South Carolina.

However, it’s common for rideshare companies, insurance carriers, and opposing attorneys to try everything they can to blame the injured party for the accident. In doing so, they could reduce their monetary liability, keeping more profits for themselves. Having representation from a South Carolina Uber/Lyft accident attorney is a reliable way to avoid this situation.

Typically, a passenger will only be held legally responsible for a rideshare car accident if they behaved in a way that caused the driver to lose control of their vehicle. For example, if a drunk passenger grabbed the steering wheel or assaulted the driver causing the crash.

Rideshare Accidents are Complex

On many levels, rideshare accidents are like any other accident. However, since they often involve multiple at-fault parties and multiple insurance companies, they can quickly become complicated. Different laws and insurance coverage apply depending on the driver’s driving status when the accident occurred or if the damages surpass the amount of a single policy. For these reasons and more, it’s best to have a well-versed South Carolina Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney on your side as you seek recovery of your damages.

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