DUI Defense Lawyer

South Carolina DUI Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, it’s in your best interest to start fighting the charge as soon as possible. Let the South Carolina DUI lawyer at the Law Office of Craig Brown do just that. With more than 25 years of experience, our South Carolina DUI lawyer, who is also a former SC Circuit Court judge, is ready to craft a solid defense strategy to protect your rights and freedom.

The Potential Penalties for a DUI Conviction in South Carolina

Depending on your specific DUI charge, and your BAC, a conviction can lead to penalties ranging from 48 hours to 5 years.

If your DUI offense involved another person’s injury or death, you may be convicted of a felony DUI and face much more substantial penalties:

It is also crucial to note that you cannot have a DUI conviction expunged in SC, which means that the consequences may stick with you for life.

How Our South Carolina DUI Lawyer Can Fight Your DUI Charge

The penalties you stand to endure for a DUI conviction in South Carolina make it clear why defending yourself and building your defense promptly is necessary. The South Carolina DUI lawyer at the Law Office of Craig Brown will review the charges against you and what must be done to mitigate the consequences or dismiss your case. Having legal representation at the outset may help you avoid losing your driving privileges, jail time, and other harsh penalties. Our South Carolina DUI lawyer will:

Ready to fight your DUI charge? To learn more about how our South Carolina DUI lawyer can help, reach out to the Law Office of Craig Brown and schedule your case review online or by phone at 843-676-0169.