Domestic Assault Defense Lawyer

Domestic Assault Defense

If you are facing a domestic assault charge, the stakes are incredibly high, and while you know that bringing your strongest defense is key, you may have no idea how to make that happen. The most important first step anyone in your difficult situation can take is reaching out for the professional legal representation of an experienced South Carolina domestic assault defense attorney.

Your dedicated domestic assault defense attorney will help to ensure that your case is resolved as favorably as possible by skillfully addressing all the following:

Potential Defense Strategies

The right defense strategy in your domestic assault case will hinge on the unique circumstances that apply, but many effective strategies fall into categories like the following:

False Allegations

People make false domestic assault allegations for a range of reasons that are often precipitated by the heightened emotions that tend to accompany domestic disputes. While the authorities must take all credible allegations seriously, not all are legitimate, and proving you’ve been falsely accused is challenging but important.


As mentioned, emotions tend to run high when it comes to domestic issues, and defending yourself against attack may be necessary. A case of self-defense can turn into a domestic assault charge, and bringing this fact to light is critical. Effective defenses can also focus on defending another, such as a child.

No Direct Physical Contact Made

In South Carolina, threatened violence is referred to as an offer or attempt to cause physical harm. If you’ve been accused of threatening or attempting to engage in domestic assault, proving that you caused your accuser to credibly fear being harmed by you falls to the state, which can be very challenging to accomplish.

Inadmissible Evidence of Guilt

The state can’t incorporate evidence that wasn’t obtained in strict accordance with the law in the case against you. Your right against illegal search and seizure is a linchpin of our criminal justice system, and while it’s a complex legal matter, your seasoned criminal defense attorney has the insight and skill to keep inadmissible evidence out of your case.

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The far-reaching negative consequences of a domestic assault conviction can alter the course of your future. Craig Brown at The Law Office of D. Craig Brown is a seasoned South Carolina domestic assault defense attorney with decades of experience successfully defending the legal rights of clients like you, and his impressive track record speaks to his unwavering commitment to each case he takes on. Learn more about what we can also do to help you by contacting or calling us at 843-676-0169 today.