What Should I Do If The At Fault Driver Does Not Have Insurance

What Should I Do If The At Fault Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

South Carolina requires all motorists to carry proper auto insurance coverage, including liability insurance and uninsured motorist insurance. Unfortunately, not all motorists carry insurance coverage. When these uninsured drivers choose to go on the road and cause a crash, it will be up to the injured party to seek the compensation they need to cover their accident-related expenses. Here’s what you should know about uninsured motorist accidents and what you should do if you get into one.

What You Should Do After an Uninsured Car Accident

If you or anyone is injured, call 911 for emergency assistance. Contact the police and do not leave the accident scene without talking to them, even if the crash seems minor and you think you’re not seriously injured. Obtain information about the crash, the other driver, and the driver’s vehicle. Make sure to take photos and videos to document the scene, your injuries, and property damage.

You should then notify your auto insurance provider about the accident to file your uninsured motorist claim. As previously mentioned, all drivers in SC must have liability coverage and uninsured motorist insurance. The liability coverage portion covers the injuries or property damage another person suffers if you cause an accident.

The uninsured motorist coverage portion protects you directly. It pays for your injuries and property damage when you get into a crash involving an at-fault uninsured driver or hit-and-run driver. The deductible of this coverage is $200. Your insurer must refund your deductible if they collect payment from the uninsured driver.

Unfortunately, insurance providers are infamous for denying or reducing the payout of otherwise legitimate injury claims. Your insurer will scrutinize every aspect of your claim and argue that your injury is not that serious or that it’s a pre-existing one. This is why you should discuss your case with a South Carolina car accident lawyer.

While you receive treatment for your injuries and recover, your lawyer will deal with negotiations and communication with your insurer and other relevant parties. They will collect the necessary evidence to prove the other driver’s liability and the damages you are seeking. They know how to handle aggressive and sneaky insurance claims adjusters to ensure that you recover all the damages you are entitled to receive.

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