Should I Take The Insurance Companys Offer After an Accident

Should I Take The Insurance Companys Offer After an Accident?

You have been seriously injured in an accident because of another’s negligence, and several days after the accident the at-fault party’s insurance provider is offering you a settlement to resolve your claim. However, you should know that this tactic is standard practice for all insurance companies, and most importantly, their offer will be low and will not be enough to cover your injuries and other costs related to the accident.

You are not required to accept the insurer’s offer. So, no. You should NOT take the insurance company’s first offer after an accident.

Why You SHOULD NEVER Accept The Insurer’s First Settlement Offer

As mentioned earlier, the insurer’s settlement offer will be lower than the real value of your claim. Also, this offer is not going to be the final settlement offer. The insurer is not interested in giving you full compensation for the losses you suffered from the accident. Their end goal is to preserve their bottom line and end your claim as fast as possible before you even get a chance to get advice from a South Carolina personal injury lawyer.

Think of the insurer’s first settlement offer as a sneaky attempt to meet its goal. Their lawyers or claims adjuster will entice you with a quick but very low offer, hoping that you will take it so they can close your claim for the lowest possible amount. It’s also crucial to note that you must have an accurate prognosis of your injuries, or your injuries must be completely healed before accepting the insurer’s settlement offer.

Keep in mind that once you accept the insurer’s offer and sign a release, that will be the end of your insurance claim. You will be legally barred from asking for more money and lose your right to sue the insurer if you realize later that your injuries and losses are worth more than the settlement you received.

When to Take The Insurer’s Settlement Offer

The decision to accept the settlement offer is ultimately up to you. However, if you got injured in an accident, particularly if you suffered serious, long-term, disabling, or catastrophic injuries, you must know all the damages you are entitled to receive and how you can secure maximum compensation for them. The best way to do this is to have a South Carolina personal injury lawyer review your claim.

Your lawyer can determine the real value of your claim based on your specific injuries and all your accident-associated losses. They can also negotiate with the insurer, their lawyers, and claims adjusters and assess whether the offer is reasonable, especially when compared to how much compensation you could potentially receive if you file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party.

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