How Much Does a PI Lawyer Cost

How Much Does a PI Lawyer Cost

Unexpected injuries can be costly due to medical bills, missed work, and other expenses. While you might want professional help seeking compensation from liable parties, you might worry about how much hiring a personal injury lawyer will cost you. After all, with so many expenses already, how will you afford costly legal fees?

The good news is that because of the way a personal injury lawyer charges fees, anyone with injuries can afford to hire their services. They charge on a contingency fee basis, which we describe below. If you have injuries, never hesitate to speak with a South Carolina injury attorney, as it will not cost you anything to do so.

Overview of Contingency Fees in Personal Injury Law

Contingency fees are the most common fee arrangement in personal injury law. This arrangement allows you to pursue legal action without the burden of upfront legal costs. In this arrangement, the attorney’s fee is contingent on the successful outcome of the case.

Here are some key points about how contingency fees work in personal injury law.

Free Consultation and Case Evaluation

In many areas of law, you must pay to have an attorney evaluate your options. This is not the case with PI contingency fees. Injury lawyers should offer no-cost consultations with no obligation to hire an attorney. This allows you to learn whether you have a valid case without spending any money out of pocket.

You Pay Nothing to Hire the Lawyer

If you choose to hire an injury attorney, you can do so without paying anything upfront. The attorney can begin working on your case without requiring a retainer or hourly fees for their work. This can be especially beneficial when you face financial difficulties due to medical expenses and loss of income resulting from your injury.

Fees are Contingent on Case Results

An injury attorney only charges legal fees for their work if they successfully obtain compensation for you. If you receive a settlement or award, the attorney will take a predetermined percentage of your recovery as their fees. The contingency fee percentage can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the attorney’s experience, and local regulations.

This means that with a contingency fee, your attorney shares the risk with you. If they are unsuccessful in obtaining compensation, they do not receive payment for their services. As a result, injury attorneys often take on cases they believe have a strong chance of success and do everything possible to obtain compensation. The more financial recovery you receive, the more your attorney receives, so your interests are aligned.

While the attorney’s fee is contingent on your outcome, other legal expenses, such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, and medical record retrieval costs, may still be your responsibility. However, you do not need to provide funds for these expenses during the case. These expenses are typically reimbursed from the final settlement or award.

Seek Help from a South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Today

Before you sign a representation agreement with a law firm, ensure you fully understand how the fee arrangement works and your obligations if you win or lose your case. The Law Office of D. Craig Brown, LLC is ready to assist you, so please contact us for your free consultation.